Good News about a SDS Parishioner

//Good News about a SDS Parishioner

Good News about a SDS Parishioner

Dear Parishioners,

The great and holy season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 18. I certainly want to encourage everyone to begin thinking about how they might grow closer to the Lord Jesus by an increase in prayer, penance and charity this year.

During Lent, we are offering a five-week DVD program on the basics of The Spiritual Life. Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, Vocation Director from Diocese of Charleston. Fr. Kirby will answer the question, “What does it mean to be close to God?” He will teach us the some of the keys to an authentic prayer life from the treasury of the Church’s spiritual patrimony. Whether or not a person feels like praying, Fr. Kirby discusses the importance of prayer and the practice of virtue, addressing the common stages people go through on their spiritual journey. This format is similar to other spiritual programs you may have attended. Groups will be formed according to a person’s particular preference of day and time. There will be input from a DVD by Fr. Kirby and a discussion to follow. The sessions will last approximately 90 minutes. Please consider joining fellow parishioners for this special series.

Last week I received a phone call from a woman (out-of-the-blue) to share some good news about a parishioner of St. Dominic Savio. The parishioner is a neighbor to the woman who made this call. Although not Catholic herself, the caller wanted me to know how much she appreciated the SDS parishioner who did so much for her and all her neighbors. This SDS parishioner looks after everyone, takes them to doctor’s appointments in inclement weather, brings soup and/or cookies over when needed, runs to the grocery store and is an all-around charitable neighbor. The caller identified herself as a Baptist and wanted me to know this St. Dominic Savio parishioner not only “talked the talk, she also walked the walk.” The caller was describing a particular parishioner of ours who lives on her street, but I also know she could have been describing any number of wonderful St. Dominic Savio parishioners,…. SDS is making Jesus Christ Alive in north Affton.

The convent of religious woman, who supplied our hosts for Mass, recently closed their operations. Deacon John secured another provider and so you’ve probably noticed over the last few weeks there is a slight difference. The new hosts are a little larger and the taste of wheat is a little more pronounced. The Benedictine Sisters of Clyde, MO now provide our hosts. They are the monastery that originally founded the Benedictine convent on Morganford which in recent years has served as the Church of St. Mark.

On February 7, the 8th Annual St. Louis Conference of Catholic Men for Christ will take place at the Peabody Opera House in downtown St. Louis. George Weigel, Tim Staples, Terry Barber and Msgr. Ramacciotti will be keynote speakers, encouraging men to live out their faith vibrantly for the same of their families and for Jesus Christ. Please see the poster in the vestibule for more details.

We are not called to great penances…but the Holy Hour is a sacrifice in union with Christ. (Archbishop Fulton Sheen) A Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration helps to bring everlasting peace to earth. (Blessed Teresa of Calcutta)

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us,

Fr. Paul J. Rothschild