Holy Week, Spring Plant Sale, and the White House Retreat

//Holy Week, Spring Plant Sale, and the White House Retreat

Holy Week, Spring Plant Sale, and the White House Retreat

Christos Anesti !  Alithos Anesti !
Christ is Risen !  He is Risen indeed !


We had a wonderful Holy Week here at St. Dominic Savio, culminating in the Sacred Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday-Easter Sunday).  Tenebrae, Pot-Luck Supper, 8th Grade Passion Reading, Stations of the Cross, Foot-washing, serving practices, programs,   cantoring, preaching, music, decorations, choir practices, church-cleaning and on and on and on.  These celebrations do not happen on their own.  And so on behalf of the whole parish, I want to thank everyone who worked so hard and sacrificed so much so that God would be    gloried by our worship and the minds and hearts of our parishioners and visitors might be turned toward God.  We are grateful to all those who purchased flowers in memory of their   departed loved ones which added to our beautifully decorated church.

The Women’s Auxiliary of the parish St. Vincent de Paul Association is conducting its annual Spring Plant Sale. The proceeds of which are distributed by our SVdP Association to the poor and needy.  Save yourself a trip to the local nursery or Home and Garden shop on the weekend of April 26/27 and purchase some items from the Women’s Auxiliary.

St. Dominic Savio has been a generous supporter of the Annual Catholic Appeal throughout the decades.  I thank you for what you have done in the past.  I know you have touched my life through your past support.  As we enter Holy Week during which we remember God’s victory over Sin and Death, please begin to pray about your sacrificial contribution.


Lord God, we thank You for the untold blessings You have bestowed upon us.

We offer these blessing back to Your divine majesty.

We lay before You the labors and fruits of the Annual Catholic Appeal.

We pray that our sole desire be to serve Your holy will.

United as Catholics, let us be reminded of our baptismal call to follow Jesus

in His service to others for He is our Lord forever and ever.


White House Retreat is a Jesuit retreat house in south St. Louis County based on The  Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius.  I strongly endorse this authentic expression of Ignatian spirituality and urge as many men of the parish (over the age of 18) to consider participating in our upcoming retreat April 30 to May 2.  If I have heard it said once, I have heard it said     hundreds of times by men who were reluctant to accept this invitation to retreat with the Lord, “The decision to go was the best thing I could have done.”

With the blessing of small children in the congregation comes a little turmoil from time-to-time.  Every parent knows what that is like.  I never want that to inhibit a family from bringing their children to Mass.  In bringing them to Mass you are orienting them to God and teaching them how to behave in Church.  They are the future of the Church.  Most of the time it goes well, but sometimes the child can become irritable or even have a meltdown.  All of us need to understand and support families who are training their children in the practice of the Catholic faith.  At the same time, if a child is having a really bad day, parents need to take the necessary steps, which may include taking that child to the cry room or to the vestibule, so that your fellow parishioners may focus on the Mass.




Fr. Paul Rothschild