Pentecost, Our Eighth Graders, and Our Beloved Valerie Puricelli

//Pentecost, Our Eighth Graders, and Our Beloved Valerie Puricelli

Pentecost, Our Eighth Graders, and Our Beloved Valerie Puricelli

Dear Parishioners,

What a marvelous and yet mysterious feast we celebrate on Pentecost. It is the fulfillment of God’s long-establish plan for our salvation, the sending of His own Spirit into our lives. With the Holy Spirit in our hearts, we possess His seven-fold gifts: Wisdom, Understand, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and the Fear (or Reverence for) the Lord. These gifts and the presence of the Holy Spirit assist us in living vibrant Catholic lives, but we have to pay attention to the prompting of the Holy Spirit that come to us daily. Sometimes these promptings are gentle and sometimes they are overwhelmingly powerful. Pentecost is one more example of how our God is faithful to the promises He makes to us.

One recent example of the action of the Holy Spirit came to me during the 11:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday, May 17. We were in the second half of the Mass when the children who had participated in the Children’s Liturgy of the Word returned to church to join us. The children skipped down the aisle to reunite with their parents. That has to be what God has in mind for all of us and had to put a smile on His face. I’m grateful to Gail Jones who organizes the Children’s Liturgy of the Word for our parish and her able assistants: Rose Karcher, Angie Meyer, Mary Gardner Stage. Children who are kindergarten aged through second grade are welcome to join. On behalf of the parish community, I want to thank these ladies for helping the children better understand God’s Word. Children’s Liturgy of the Word will resume in September.

We have had a wonderful school year and our current Eighth Graders have provided solid leadership and a positive example to the rest of the school community. We congratulate them as we celebrate their Completion Mass this week and assure them of our prayers as they move into their High School years.

I did not have the good fortune of knowing Valerie Puricelli in her more robust years of life, but I am especially grateful, as was mentioned in last week’s bulletin, of her generous service to the priests assigned to St. Dominic Savio over the last four decades. A good number of the priests who Val worked for were able to attend her funeral; it was a fitting memorial from the priests who knew her. Because of Valerie’s long and dedicated service to the priests of the parish, I thought it was appropriate to allow her wake in church, even though that is not the norm. In his homily, Fr. Jack reinforced my notion that Valerie did a majority of her purgatory here on earth through her work with the priests in the rectory. God bless all the faithful parishioners of St. Dominic Savio.

Our Parish Picnic Committee has been working at full throttle. Please join me in praying for a beautiful and safe picnic. As in years past, we will be reducing our summer weekday Mass schedule to one Mass a day. After discussion among the members of the Liturgy Committee, it was decided to retain the summer Mass schedule as in previous years. And so, the daily Mass will be at 7:30 a.m. Monday through Friday beginning, Monday, June 1 and ending on Friday, August 14.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us,


Fr. Paul Rothschild