SDS Hospitality & Generosity, Guidebook, RCIA, & Huhn Center Rennovation

//SDS Hospitality & Generosity, Guidebook, RCIA, & Huhn Center Rennovation

SDS Hospitality & Generosity, Guidebook, RCIA, & Huhn Center Rennovation

Dear Parishoners,

We have a lovely campus to call home. It is great to see parishioners make use of the property and how it has been so well taken care of through the years by so many, especially Glenn Kraemer. Occasionally, something needs attention. Recently, Jack Buck noticed some chairs and benches falling into disrepair and he took it upon himself to restore them. Jack did a terrific job on a bench outside the pre-school playground. This is another example of SDS hospitality and generosity at work. For many years, the Krobath’s have done a fantastic job taking care of the enchanted garden behind the Huhn Center. With Leo’s passing, they have retired from this work of art. If you or anyone you know enjoys gardening and would like to carry on this charming work, please contact the rectory office. It would be greatly appreciated!

We are in the process of preparing the parish “Guidebook” or Buzz Book for publication. If you have changed your phone number or email address, etc., please contact Tory Welling in the rectory office (314-353-7629 x10) so
that we have the most up-to-date information.

We are in the process of beginning our RCIA program and are ready to welcome candidates this year. The RCIA program begins in August and continues to the end of the Easter season in May of 2016. The RCIA (Rite of Christian
Initiation for Adults) is the Church’s process of forming new Catholic Christians. We have a strong tradition of forming disciples at St. Dominic Savio. They can be unbaptized or already baptized in another Christian faith. Sometimes they are Catholics who were baptized, but were then never raised in the practice of the faith. If you know anyone who might be interested in learning more about the beauty of the Catholic faith, let me know.

Since the reform of the Mass following the Second Vatican Council, many people find our worship even more accessible. Not only do the reforms allow the lay faithful to actively participate, the Mass is not as fully
celebrated without the dynamic involvement of the whole Body of Christ. One good example of this is the opportunity to receive Holy Communion under both species (Body and Blood). With the assistance of Extraordinary
Ministers of Holy Communion, the people of God can commune deeply in the Love of God that comes to us in the reception of Holy Communion. If you would like to help with the distribution of Holy Communion and/or take Holy
Communion to our sick and elderly homebound, please contact me for additional information.

Rodger Wilhite and his able-bodied crew are making great progress in cleaning the school and preparing it for the return of the teachers and the students in August. Little things around the building need to be repaired, floors cleaned and waxed and walls painted. Rodger and the maintenance staff do a tremendous job and we’re proud of the work they do for us.

The bids are in! We expect that renovations on the Huhn Center will begin this week or next. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us,

Fr. Paul Rothschild