Welcome Rev. Maurus Muldoon, Donated Statue to be Blest, and Huhn Center Restoration Completed

//Welcome Rev. Maurus Muldoon, Donated Statue to be Blest, and Huhn Center Restoration Completed

Welcome Rev. Maurus Muldoon, Donated Statue to be Blest, and Huhn Center Restoration Completed

Dear Parishioners,
We welcome The Most Rev. Maurus Muldoon, O.F.M. former Bishop of the diocese of Juticalpa to St. Dominic Savio this weekend. Please be generous in supporting our brothers and sisters striving to live for Jesus Christ in Juticalpa, Honduras. Like anything that we do over and over again as human beings, no matter how meaningful, how lovely and beautiful, it can become – routine. Try as we might, evenpriests can offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in a way that becomes repetitive.Naturally, Fr. Lydon and I want to avoid this at all costs and so we have decided that weare going to slow down the consecration in order to refocus ourselves and the entire congregation on the noble and ineffable mystery of Jesus’ true Presence in the Holy Eucharist.

We want to invite you to contemplate and adore, to love and praise Jesus who continues to come to us and offer us God’s love, mercy and healing. Participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the greatest work we have to do as priests and as Catholics. Join us in offering this Mass as if it was our First Mass, our Last Mass and our only Mass. We are on the threshold of a new school year. Rodger and John, our maintenance men, and their crew of summer workers, Alex Shaver, Tony Montero and Patrick Ashelin, did an outstanding job of cleaning the school in preparation for the return of the teachers and the school children. Mrs. Cheak and I are proud of our school and grateful for all the hard work these fine men did.

Gary Torchia, recently departed brother of Marnee Torchia, wanted to make a donation to the Church upon his death. In his honor, the new statue of St. Louis, King of France, has been donated to St. Dominic Savio. St. Louis is the principal patron of our Archdiocese and it is fitting for this statue to be located adjacent to the statue of St. Vincent de Paul who is the secondary patron of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. The new statue will be blest next weekend. In your kindness, please offer a prayer on behalf of Marnee’s dearly departed brother.

We are ready to welcome back those groups that have things stored in the Huhn Center basement. The Huhn Center has been restored after the sewer back-up this past May. The organizations that have things stored in the basement can now reorganize their respective spaces.

UPDATE: Some of the trees in the grove were pruned and the large dead tree was removed. Also, the driveway between the grove and the church was patched. We were advised that the entrance driveway will need to be replaced in the next four or five years. The cost is estimated at $35,000.00.

Our Holy Hour of Eucharistic adoration acknowledges Christ as the spiritual center of our community. (Blessed Pope Paul VI) Take refuge often at the feet of Jesus…my dear ones. Visits to the Blessed Sacrament are an extremely necessary way to conquer the devil. Therefore, go often to visit Jesus and the devil will not come out victorious against you.”! (St. John Bosco)

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us,