Discernment Process has Begun, Affton Days, & Stewardship

//Discernment Process has Begun, Affton Days, & Stewardship

Discernment Process has Begun, Affton Days, & Stewardship

Dear Parishioners,
I apologize for inadvertently leaving off the names of two Futuring Team members from the list I had in last week’s bulletin. They are Hilda Ruppe and Christine Williams. The discernment and planning process we have begun will serve as a “second founding” of the parish. Now is the time for us to decide how we are going to live out our Catholic values with the resources that are available to us in our day and time. I want to thank all those who came to our first parish planning day on Saturday, September 26. It takes a lot of courage and openness to the movement of the Holy Spirit for a community like ours to come together and discern what God is asking of them. This process is never easy, but the benefits are abundant.

The Affton community had a lovely weekend for their parade and festival on our parish property. I am especially grateful to Lisa Perry and Robin Lukasek for working with the Affton Chamber of Commerce so that our end of the agreement could work out so effectively. We also won First Place for our float in the parade. Thank you also to all the volunteers who put in a few hours working in our booths. We’ll have a financial report in the near future.

Most people are aware of the concept of Stewardship – recognizing everything we have is a gift from God, being grateful, developing our gifts and generously sharing with others. Gifts are typically categorized as time, talent and treasure. But how do we practice this in everyday life?

PRAYER – Invest in your prayer life

  • Pray to God frequently throughout the day, every day.
  • Talk and listen to God.

– willingness to help others

  • Participate in parish ministries and other charitable organizations.
  • Accept responsibility for helping others.

– generosity with your financial gifts

  • Generously return a portion of the money you have been given by God.
  • Give cheerfully without expecting anything in return. No gift is too
    small or insignificant.


Stewardship isn’t some kind of an exclusive club. We are all stewards. Living stewardship requires a conversion – a change that softens our hearts and makes room for the Holy Spirit to enter. Living a stewardship lifestyle:

  • Takes time – time to pray.
  • Is difficult – demands placing God first in all things.
  • Means taking risks – detaching ourselves from our time, possessions and money – placing our trust in God.


You are invited to follow this path! And invite one other person – JUST ONE – to do the same! Stewardship
requires action. The action of past generations is what built the Church. It is our responsibility to develop
and nurture our gifts for future generations. As St. Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the Gospel at all times.
Use words when necessary.”

Stewardship isn’t easy, but it has tremendous rewards – Love, Peace and Joy on earth and eternal life in heaven! Question: When you stand before God and He asks what you have done with the gifts He has given you, how will you respond?

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us,
Father Paul J. Rothschild