Historic Planning Process

//Historic Planning Process

Historic Planning Process

Dear Parishioners,
On Saturday, September 26, we began our historic planning process. The Futuring Team met with our consultants, Lucien and Maureen, the previous evening to prepare for the day. Seventy-three parishioner and school families were present as the day began. As many as eighty folks participated throughout the day, coming and going as they needed to. At the end of the day, fifty-six participants were still praying, discussing and discerning God’s will for our
parish. There were people who have been in the parish fifty and sixty years, and people who have been in the parish for only a few months. Some have raised their children in the parish and some have their children in our school now. There were empty-nesters present and newlymarried who have not yet begun their families.

There was an incredible spirit of reverence and respect for each other as the day progressed, as well an enthusiasm for the task before the parish. My role was more as an observer since this is your parish and I will only be here for a time. I observed from those in attendance a deep spirit of faith in God and charity for one another. Many testified that they felt the movement of the Holy Spirit throughout the day and active in the gathering. That spiritual awareness will bear much fruit.

There were six or seven people gathered around ten tables in the cafeteria from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Meals were provided. Lucien and Maureen value the time commitment people make and so we started on time and we ended on time. We discussed what we believed was the mission of St. Dominic Savio Parish. We talked about the values we want to live by and the goals we hope to realize. At every step of the way, the smaller groups took notes and a representative from the tables reported to the larger group their vision. A summary of the survey responses many of you completed prior to the day were shared with the entire group. Your ideas, your values and your hopes served as the starting point for the discussions that took place.

The notes from the various tables regarding our mission, values and vision are being compiled by the consultants and will be shared with the parish and school community. After we receive the summaries of the work completed, we will want your feedback on our progress so far. We want the plan that emerges from this discernment process to be a living document that informs how we live our life together for the coming years. The plan for the parish will have
specific goals and objectives with action steps to be accomplished over the next five years. So important is this work we are doing together, that any new initiatives brought to my attention in the coming years will have to judged according to how it fits into this plan you are creating. I am edified by the good work, you, the community of St. Dominic Savio are accomplishing together. I am also quite confident that our future is in the best hearts and hands from what I witnessed of your collaborative work. We have room for more voices, ideas, and prayers to see
us through this process so please keep the next date of November 14th on your calendar.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us,
Father Paul J. Rothschild