PSR Begins, Beyond Sunday Capital Campaign, & Missionary Plan of Cooperation

//PSR Begins, Beyond Sunday Capital Campaign, & Missionary Plan of Cooperation

PSR Begins, Beyond Sunday Capital Campaign, & Missionary Plan of Cooperation

Dear Parishioners:
Tomorrow, August 22, we begin another year in our Parish School of Religion program (PSR). As with any number of other important missions in our parish, this program is also undergoing some significant changes as we begin a partnership with St. Michael the Archangel in the education of our children who attend public schools. Deacon John Beckmann is leading this effort for us and has assembled an excellent team of teachers for the coming year. Four of the teachers were on the faculty of St. Michael’s and four are from St. Dominic Savio. Almost all of the PSR teachers are trained educators, some with 40 or more years of classroom experience. Curiously, several were Math teachers. St. Michael’s is not our competitor, they are collaborators with us and I am happy to be working with Fr. Schroeder in the PSR program.

We have decided, after much discussion, to change the religion series (to Faith and Life, Ignatius Press) in order to provide more substantive catechesis. PSR will take place on our campus. It will include 33 classes, four Masses (two at the St. Michael’s campus and two on our campus), two opportunities for Confession, sacramental preparation (First Confession, First Holy Communion and Confirmation) and so forth. Our PSR program is much stronger now that we are working with the good people of St. Michael’s in Shrewsbury. Please keep the PSR families and our faculty in your prayers.

The Beyond Sunday Capital Campaign of Archbishop Carlson is his historic attempt to stabilize Catholic education for the coming generation of Catholic school students. Previous campaigns to which you have contributed generously have been supplying tuition support for lower income families. This campaign is designed to assist middle income families who are also struggling to afford Catholic education. The campaign is just completing its second phase and has already $1.8 million in scholarship grants to students, $750,000 in grants to schools and $5,000,000 in parish share distributions. $1.3 million in scholarships were award to 937 elementary school children in 97 schools.$450,000 in scholarships has been award to 147 students in 27 high schools, including our own Bishop DuBourg. Our parish goal is $790,000.00.

This coming Sunday, August 27/28, we will be participating in the annual Missionary Plan of Cooperation. Every summer, the Archdiocese of St. Louis invites missionary communities and churches into our parishes so that we can hear about the needs of the Church around the world. At one time, the Church in America was a mission Church and now that the roots of the faith are flourishing it is important to remember and assist our brothers and sisters who carrying out on our behalf Jesus’ commission “to go and baptize all the nations.” This year, we will be hearing about the Church in Africa, in particular,
Nigeria and Ghana. Please be as generous as you can be in support of this mission appeal.

The holy Eucharist is the unbloody representation of the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross for the forgiveness of our sins. We are privileged as Catholic to participate in our own redemption whenever attend the Mass. You cannot do anything more helpful for your departed loved ones than have the sacrifice of the Mass offered for the remission of their sins. Please contact Robin in the rectory office with your Mass intentions.

Sacred heart of Jesus, pray for us
Fr. Paul J. Rothschild