Stewardship, Parish Purgatorial Society, and All Academy Mass

//Stewardship, Parish Purgatorial Society, and All Academy Mass

Stewardship, Parish Purgatorial Society, and All Academy Mass

Dear Parishioners,
It is really amazing how the parishioners of St. Dominic Savio live biblical stewardship. Stewardship is a biblical imperative (command). It starts with an understanding that God is the source of everything that we are and everything we have. Then, in gratitude to God, we return a portion of those gifts to Him as an act of thanksgiving. The traditional amount recommended is ten percent. Stewardship is also a journey of faith. It is a call to live in trust; that the same God who brought you to this point in your life will continue to sustain you and do even greater things.

So, thank you for your financial donations. These dollars pay salaries, keep the gas and electric on, and provide many other basics to run the parish. Thank you for the many ways you share your talents in the parish. Thanks to those who organize or lead organizations, committees and programs. Time is a real “value” in our culture and many of you give a great deal of valuable time so that others in the parish might flourish. Young people come to mind, first of all, and are well-served by many adults in our parish, from the school, to our athletic and scouting programs. Thanks, too, to our Eucharistic ministers who bring the Sacrament of Christ’s Body and Blood to our sick, elderly and homebound parishioners, who themselves supported the parish throughout the years, but are now unable to join us for Sunday Mass.

Whenever a pastor receives a new parish assignment, the Archdiocesan Finance Office does an independent audit of the parish’s finances and internal controls. We then had a second audit as we discerned our way into Holy Cross Academy. Both internal audits were determined to be “clean” and showed nothing irregular. We have a balanced budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. If our parish is going to thrive we need your ongoing support and if you are in the position to increase your Sunday offering, that is greatly appreciated.

In your collection of envelopes for October, one is marked All Souls. On the front of the envelope, there are several lines for you to enter the names of your departed loved ones. With a suggested offering of $5.00, list all the people on the front of the envelope and this will become part of our Parish Purgatorial Society. These loved ones will be remembered in all of the Masses during the month of November and beyond. Some people choose to use Parish Pay (like myself) and don’t have Sunday envelopes. If you use Parish Pay and would like to have your family members enrolled in our Parish Purgatorial Society, you are welcome to put $5.00 in an envelope and list your departed family members to be included in these Masses.

We had a wonderful All Academy Mass on the Feast of The Exaltation of the Holy Cross (September 14). All of the school children, Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, were dropped off at Seven Holy Founders at 8AM for the Feast Day Mass at 9AM. Through a variety of other activities, the students met their classmates on other campuses and shared some activities with their “buddies.” The day ended with a contemporary Christian music concert in church. Some of our girls sang in the Academy choir and Ele Chier did an outstanding job reading the first reading at Mass.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us
Fr. Paul J. Rothschild