Christmas Greetings, Dr. Amie Koenen, St. George Mass, & Christmas Giving Tree

//Christmas Greetings, Dr. Amie Koenen, St. George Mass, & Christmas Giving Tree

Christmas Greetings, Dr. Amie Koenen, St. George Mass, & Christmas Giving Tree

Dear Parishioners:
On behalf of Fr. Lydon, Deacons Jim, John and John (retired), the parish office staff, Bob, Robin and Rose, I want to extend to everyone in the parish the warmest of Christmas greetings. God’s plan for our salvation took a dramatic and irreversible turn toward Victory when the Son of God became Man in Jesus, the Christ. With His coming into the world, He who is Light from Light, began that earthly journey which led ultimately to Calvary and His loving sacrifice for our salvation. The wood of the manger and the swaddling clothes that surround the infant body foreshadow the wood of the Cross and the burial cloth with which the women enshroud Jesus’ lifeless body, “the acceptable sacrifice that brings salvation to the whole world.” Our prayer is that this Child who came
in peace, the King of Peace, will guard, guide and protect us now and forever.

Dr. Amie Koenen, President of Holy Cross Academy, has decided to step down as President and has accepted a job from the Archdiocese of St. Louis in strategic planning for parishes and schools. It is the responsibility of the five cooperating pastors to form a search committee for the purposes of selecting a new President. Dr. Koenen has worked tirelessly for the last eight years with the people of the four founding parishes of the Academy to provide excellent Catholic education. Her guiding principle has always been whatever is best for the children. From the first time we spoke, I was deeply impressed with her knowledge, her devotion to children, her commitment to quality Catholic education and her indefatigable work ethic. Dr. Koenen brought a unique set of skills to her role as President and these will serve her well in her new capacity within the Archdiocese. As she steps down from being the principal administrator of the Academy, she looks forward to just being one of the Moms who has four children attending Holy Cross Academy.

A couple of weeks ago, I began conversations with parishioners who attend daily Mass at St. Dominic Savio and St. George. These two parishes are 1.4 miles apart and 4 minutes by car if you miss the light at Gravois and only three minutes if you get a green. There is a need for one daily Mass at each parish. And so, I have asked the members of the SDS 6:30am Mass to celebrate Mass at St. George at 6:30am. In the same way, I asked the St. George 8:00am attendees to celebrate Mass at St. Dominic Savio. SDS needs an 8AM Mass for the school children, presently scheduled on Mondays, and I want to offer more school Masses for the children in the future. Once we begin the 6:30am Mass at St. George, the 6:00 am Communion Service St. George will be discontinued as will our Tuesday 8:00 Communion service. Although changes like this are disruptive to people’s personal lives, they can also be life-giving. The folks at St. George and SDS consented to my proposal and so, starting on Monday, January 2nd, 2017, the new daily Mass schedule at both parishes will be as follows.

St. George – Monday through Friday, 6:30 am Mass
St. Dominic Savio – Monday through Saturday, 8:00am Mass

A heartfelt thank you to all who participated in the Christmas Giving Tree program. As usual, your generosity is always more than expected and greatly appreciated. Midtown Catholic Charities will distribute all donations. Thank you Barb Toth for organizing the event!

Merry Christmas!

Fr. Paul J. Rothschild