Pro-Life Chain, All-Academy Mass, and Standardized Testing

//Pro-Life Chain, All-Academy Mass, and Standardized Testing

Pro-Life Chain, All-Academy Mass, and Standardized Testing

Dear Parishioners:
On Sunday afternoon, October 1, our parish will join others through the metropolitan St. Louis area and silently witness to the dignity of life (from the moment of conception). We will meet on Mackenzie Road at 2:00 pm in front of our parish. Now that we no longer have the St. Louis Rams to occupy our attention, I want to invite everyone to join us that day. We pray and quietly hold signs with messages that testify on behalf of the unborn. Please join us as a spiritual exercise for one hour that Sunday afternoon and be part of our Pro-life Chain.

This past week, we celebrated an All-Academy Mass on the patronal feast day of our school, The Exaltation of the Cross. On occasions such as these, the entire Academy, Kindergarten through Eighth Grade gathers at Seven Holy Founders to celebrate together and offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. All of the cooperating pastors are present. The combined choir is outstanding. And it is a sight to behold, when a church as large as Seven Holy Founders, is nearly filled to capacity. The kids are taking their standardized Tests, as we did when I was a child (not a happy memory for me!). As you might expect, our children who attend Holy Cross Academy meet every standard and, in many cases, exceed what is expected of a child their age.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Fr. Paul J. Rothschild