Parish Visioning Meeting Update: Next Steps

//Parish Visioning Meeting Update: Next Steps

Parish Visioning Meeting Update: Next Steps

The parish vision team hosted two vision meetings in the last two weeks of September. At the meetings, the vision team presented a proposal for a future model that would include one combined parish with two campuses. The St. George campus would be the center for Worship and Outreach, the St. Dominic Savio Campus the center for Education and Life Long Faith Formation. The parishioners of St. Dominic’s and St. George were able to react to the proposal, offering
concerns, opportunities, and alternative ideas. Parishioners were invited to sign up for planning committees which will work to create a plan for the future of the parishes.

The vision team has tabulated all the feedback in an easily digestible format which will be distributed to the committees, which are currently being formed as of the writing of this release. If you have signed up for a committee you will be hearing from us shortly on your next steps. It is the job of the committees to work with the current proposal and address the strengths, opportunities, and concerns that came out of the last two meetings. Because the Vision Team proposal is just a proposal we will remain flexible and open to data-driven ideas or solutions that come from the committees, thus including those that want to be involved a chance to shape the direction of our parishes.

Over the next seven weeks, the committees will meet and work to make a plan for how best to move forward. It is important that parishioners from both parishes are not only involved in the committee work, but have opportunities to give input throughout the process. To that end, there will be two parish meetings. The first meeting on Saturday Nov. 11th from 9-11am at the St. George Parish Center, and then Tuesday, Nov. 14th from 6:30-8:30pm at the St. Dominic Savio campus cafeteria. These meetings will be an opportunity for the committees to update the parishioners about their progress and get direct feedback from parishioners about their plans. The same information will be presented at both meetings.

Please Save The Date

There will be opportunities to RVSP online and paper forms in the back of Church within the next few weeks. We strongly encourage you to get involved in this process. It is an opportunity to help design a God-Centered parish that is not only sustainable for our children but growing and thriving. We hope you will attend the meetings and share your ideas, and most importantly – please pray for the success of this planning. Above all we want to fulfill God’s Vision for the future of these two parishes and we want to constantly pray for openness to hear what He is calling us to become.