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Parish Boundaries

Starting at Watson Road and River des Peres;

West on Watson Road (south side) to the intersection with the Frisco Railroad tracks;

South along the tracks (east side) to the southern boundary of Resurrection Cemetery;

East along the cemetery boundary to New Hampshire Avenue;

South on New Hampshire Avenue (east side) continuing across Heege Road to Langley Avenue;

East from this point on an imaginary line (which is the extension of Langley Avenue) and

Langley Avenue itself (north side) to the southward extension of Joel Avenue;

North on the extension of Joel Avenue and Joel Avenue itself (both sides) to the southern boundary of Lakewood Park Cemetery;

East and North on the southern and eastern boundary of Lakewood Park Cemetery to Loughborough Avenue;

East on Loughborough Avenue and its extension to River Des Peres;

North along the River des Peres to Watson Road.